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Fat burning exercise burn more fat

What is the best fat burning exercise? Out of all the variables of exercise, there is one factor that activates more fat burning hormones than any other – this is “intensity”, not duration not how long you go, but how hard you go. Exercises that involve whole body high intensity can activate more Growth Hormone (main fat burning hormone), than sustained type treadmill workouts. But before you do this – read the rest of this.

Is your thyroid secondary to a fibroid

Slow weight loss usually means something wrong with a person’s hormones. The thyroid for example connects with every cell in the body. If there is a problem, may things occur like loss of outer eyebrows, fatigue, weight gain all over cravings to carbs, loss of libido, dry skin and cold feet. In the my Northern Virginia office where we run our weight loss clinic, may people nowadays come in with thyroid symptoms yet on blood test nothing shows up. The doctor suggest taking thyroid medication and come back in 3 months and we’ll check it. Working with their doctor, we address the ‘other’ factors associated with weight like nutrition, exercise, diet and fatigue.

Over Eating

When you were a child, were you told to eat everything on your plate, because people are starving? Ya, this makes sense. Somehow this is supposed to help these starving people. Because if you waste food, then there will not be enough for them, right?
The concept of “all you can eat buffets” or “supersize” foods is bizarre. There’s definitely lots of insanity when we come to the subject of food. People eat for pleasure and as a part of social culture, we have a hard time communicating unless we eat at the same time.

Keep Your Glands Safe

Glands are the vital parts of the human body that must be taken care of efficiently. You must know and learn to identify the substances that are useful or harmful for your glands. Alcohol, caffeine, drugs, health supplements etc, are the silent destroyers that can affect the functioning of your glands. Hi, my name is Dr. Eric Berg DC in Northern Virginia and there is 3 gland destroyers I would like to tell you about.

Never Skip Meals

You might often skip meals because either you are too busy or are trying to lose weight. But if you skip meals and have no control of amount of the next meals, then it can affect your overall health substantially. Skipping meals or going through a fasting program, will lower your blood sugar level, and stimulate several hormones in the body. One such hormone is cortisol, secreted from adrenals. It is a stress hormone that increases blood sugar by releasing sugars from the muscles. This provides instant energy to survive when you starve. In my clinic in Northern Virginia, I coach people as a part of my physician supervised weight loss program. And the single most cravings people have is , you guessed it – sugar.

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