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In my Northern Virginia Clinic, we have taken care of over 16,000 local patients as well as people who live all over the country. Our Virginia Clinic is the training center for over 2000 doctors who get certified in my healthcare methods. Our specialty is working with difficult cases and people who have been everywhere and done everything. There is no greater pleasure in helping these people finally either lose weight, and get their ideal body, or handle a health issue that they have been struggling with.
Dr. Eric Berg DC

How can I make a consultation?

We recommend first getting a consultation and a basic evaluation. This first visit is at no charge. In this evaluation, we will get a thorough history; do some tests to isolate your primary body type as some people are a mixed body type. We will also evaluate your symptoms to find the underlying cause, and then come up with a non-invasive, no-drug solution. This may range from correct diet, exercise or nutritional plan. If you need Dr. Berg’s acupressure treatments, we can give you some recommendations on this too.

What if I live far from Dr. Berg’s Clinic?

Many people fly in for an intense program either for one, two or even three days. We can get a lot done in a short period of time without spreading it out for weeks. We have had people fly in from around the world – India, China, England, Europe… The first step is to call us to schedule this in advance so we can make sure we have space for you.

Can I see Dr. Berg personally?

Dr. Berg usually sees and evaluates every person coming into his clinic. He then supervises to make sure the results are high quality through their program. He will instruct one of his Master Trained practitioners to help him in treatments, consulting and testing. He is working in his clinic full time to ensure people are happy with their care and winning.

What is done in the first visit?

Consultation, urine test, stress test, exercise test (optional), stress recovery test, blood pressure and possibly body composition (body fat, visceral-abdominal fat, fluid, bone density, biological age, fitness level, metabolism and body mass testing).

What’s the next step?

Call us at 703-354-7336 and let us know you are a new patient wanting a first visit FREE evaluation.
Due to the limitation of available appointments; there may be a waiting list of 2-3 weeks, however, we do have standby cancelation spots open up throughout the week.
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