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Fat burning exercise burn more fat

What is the best fat burning exercise?

What is the best fat burning exercise? Out of all the variables of exercise, there is one factor that activates more fat burning hormones than any other – this is “intensity”, not duration not how long you go, but how hard you go. Exercises that involve whole body high intensity can activate more Growth Hormone (main fat burning hormone), than sustained type treadmill workouts. But before you do this – read the rest of this.

When you go to the gym, the treadmills will have to get your pulse rate at a certain level to burn fat. The flaw in this is that if someone’s fitness is not good, their heart rate might barely get over 120, yet they are completely exhausted. Yet a fit person could exercise at a slightly lower intensity and get his or her pulse rate at 180. So you can’t go by heart rate. Here are the facts! Out of all the factors of exercise, intensity is the one that releases the fat. So, intensity more than duration or another other factor is what you need to focus on. The problem is that most people are so unfit, that if they exercise too intensely, they will not recover from it. Recovery is WHEN the fat burning occurs, not during the exercise, so it’s vital that you allow yourself to recover long enough. And if you exercise intensity for too long, you can also defeat the benefits of fat burning. So the ideal pattern of fat burning exercise is short duration, high intensity and lots of rest. Some people might only be able to handle a 30 second intense exercise at first and should give themselves a 3 minute rest. They would exercise 30 seconds and rest 3 minutes back and forth for 15 minutes every other day. This would be way better that being on the treadmill for 30 minutes as interval training provides more fat burning than sustained exercise. This is due to the stimulation of growth hormone. The best type of exercise is full body activation like sprinting, rowing, sports, dancing or jumping.
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